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Ki² Relationships | 12-26-13

Ki² Relationships  | 12-26-13

Ki² Relationships | 12-26-13

Most men don’t know how to say goodbye; & most women don’t know when to say it. ~KiKi Richardson (Ki²)

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Tip of the Day | 7-24-13

Tip of the Day

Friday’s Thought | 10-21-11

“The dresses are lovely, ... They move very well and they're very feminine. They make women look really like women.”--Carolina Herrera

I asked the following question on my Facebook page yesterday...

ATTENTION MEN:   I’ve been told by many women that they get more attention when they are wearing a dress than any other time….What is it about a dress on a woman that you find appealing & attractive?

After reading all of their responses, I came to a simple conclusion:

Men are attracted to the femininity that a dress represents.  They appreciate the visual peek-a-boo that a dress can have as it caresses a woman’s body.

One of the men asked said,I enjoy women who embrace their femininity-heels, dress, nails done hair done; a little lip gloss & eyeliner. I love women for being the exact opposite of me, tender, soft, sweet smelling…–When they put that femininity on display I’m a happy observer.

With that that in mind, here’s a quick thought from my observations as a woman…

A lot of us women aren’t comfortable in our skin for a lot of reasons.  Heavy media images depicting what is beautiful, sexy and feminine can cause us to feel the need to live up to those images.   In an attempt to live up to that standard we tend to try too hard.  We begin to conform to what we have been conditioned to believe is the ideal or we go to the far extreme…Ultra Feminism!  

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in equal work for equal pay, however some of us have taken the Feminist movement a little too far!  As a result, we “modern women” focus a lot of attention on being STRONG and INDEPENDENT.  If we were to display anything other than that (i.e. femininity) it  is viewed as a sign of weakness; (there is nothing wrong with that if you plan to be alone for the rest of your life) however I think it is important for us to learn when to exhibit strength, how to use our powers for good  and not to forget to be INTERDEPENDENT.

In a nutshell, don’t be afraid to embrace your innate femininity! Be confident, be soft, keep it simple and put on a dress!  Men love it and appreciate when you tap into it!

“I think a woman gets more if she acts feminine–Nancy Reagan


The Consummate Provocateur


Never Dim Your Light for Others to shine…NEVER Apologize for Being YOU!!

Tuesday’s Thought (10-4-11)

Monday’s Thought…

(October 4, 2011)

We’re the authors of our reality, the draft was created when we were born; Are you happy with the current version or is it time for some re-writes?KiKi Richardson

The word that is heard perishes, but the letter that is written remains–Proverb

Monday’s Thought (9-19-11)



Monday’s Thought…

(September 19, 2011)

During the process of self discovery you will come to realize how difficult it is to change things about self…honestly, how easy did you think it would be to change your mate? —KiKi Richardson

Thursday’s Thought



Thursday’s Thought… (September 1, 2011)

As a result of our conditioning and social roles, men are looked upon as the provider/bread winner in relationships, and based on a comment I heard last night, it made me wonder…

As a woman, I have watched men use money and “things” to attract women all the time and  I too have even been approached by wealthy men on several occasions who led with their wallets.

With all things considered,

    a) if the “lead with your wallet” approach worked to get the woman; and

    b) throughout the course of the relationship, the man continues to wine & dine her, buy her everything a woman could want and afford her a lifestyle that most women dream of

Why is the woman looked upon negatively if she leaves when the money runs out?

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