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KiKi Richardson is available as a guest speaker for seminars, workshops, media forum discussions and other events on the topic of relationships.

KiKi is an expert Relationship Life Coach and speaks on the following subjects dealing with, but not limited to:

  • The List”: The mate selection process

  • Relationship Re-education: Realistic not Idealistic

  • Cheating: Know the Code! (the other person)

  • Cheating: Know the Code! (the cheater)

  • Infidelity: Suspicion, Discovery & the Aftermath

  • Relationship Principles: Build a strong foundation!

  • Frenemies:  The Friend Commandments

  • Living Unapologetically: Authentically Me!

  • Sexuality: Expression or Repression

  • Single & Successful??

  • Break up to prevent Breaking Down


 For all media and booking information, please contact:

Adrienne Alexander

The IPY Agency





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