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Ki² Relationships | 12-26-13

Ki² Relationships  | 12-26-13

Ki² Relationships | 12-26-13

Most men don’t know how to say goodbye; & most women don’t know when to say it. ~KiKi Richardson (Ki²)

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Ki² Relationships | 11-21-13


Relationships are not “one size fits all“, they should be tailored to custom fit! ~~KiKi Richardson (Ki²)
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Ki² Love™ | 11-15-13


It requires action & commitment to the work.
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Though for the Day | 8-12-13

When he is happy to come home & she is sorry to see him leave there exists a level of balance & harmony in that relationship that few people have ever worked hard enough to achieve.
KiKi Richardson (Ki²)

Think About It Thursday (4-5-12)

Think about it Thursday:

Dating is just like fishing, put out the right bait & you will attract a great catch! ~~>Ki²

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