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MISTRESS MONDAY by The Other Woman Code of Conduct

The best revenge you can exact against someone who has stolen your mate is to let them have them!
~ KiKi Richardson


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MISTRESS MONDAY by The Other Woman Code of Conduct:

There is one thing I would break up over & that is if she caught me with another woman. I won’t stand for that. ~Steve Martin


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Ki² Life | 12-17-13

Ki² Life ™

Ki² Life ™


It’s hard enough changing yourself why would you think you could change someone else? ~ KiKi Richardson (Ki²)
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Tip of the Day | 8-14-13

In relationships…

Keep the fights clean & above the belt
sex dirty & below the belt! ~Ki²

Tip of the Day | 7-24-13

Tip of the Day

12 Things….(The Truth) | 5-6-13

I’ve been seeing this picture floating around Facebook and Instagram and all the women commenting on it are in agreement that these things are so on point!!  After reading the list and reading the comments (aka high-fives) I am reminded WHY women are having such a difficult time in relationships….

Here is the REAL TRUTH about who needs to understand what:

The Truth served by KiKi Richardson

12 Things She Needs to Understand

As a life coach I would be remiss in my duties if I did not tell you ladies to STOP LYING to yourselves (and each other) and MAKING EXCUSES to justify bad behavior resulting from poor choices!!  Changing the words, will not change the behavior nor the results you get from it!  OWN YOUR CRAP!  If your behavior is yielding negative reviews and results, its time to ACKNOWLEDGE it, ADDRESS it, ADJUST it!



KiKi is a relationship expert available for private coaching, group coaching and seminars.
Contact for booking information!

Take A Peek! | “It’s OK: Men Tell ALL!” 4-27-13

LADIES ONLY!! –Only 7 days left!! | 4-27-13

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Ladies do you think you really know how MEN think?

Come join us to find out what REAL MEN really think about LOVE, SEX, DATING, MARRIAGE and more!

This FREE event is dedicated to the ladies and the ALL-MALE panel will answer questions and share HONEST feedback from a male perspective all aimed at helping the ladies get out of their own way!

This is a RARE opportunity for women to gain insight into:
~Why men don’t call back~
~Why men cheat & can it be prevented?~
~What Men REALLY want?~
…and so much more!

Hosted by:

~KiKi Richardson~
Relationship Expert, Life Coach & Host, Playing Devil’s Advocate™


Michael A. McFadden
Author & Host, of Real Talk

Prepare yourself for good music, cocktails and plenty of Grown Up Conversation so be ready with your questions!! No stone will be left un-turned and nothing is off-limits so BE ON TIME!!

Guest Panelists include:

~Blue Kimble~
The Game – Single Ladies

~Shawn Lovings~
My Style Matters

~Devin Lewis~
NFL veteran-Model- Oxygen’s Love Games Star

The Diamond Loft
644 Antone St Atlanta, Ga 30318

Tip of the Day | 3-26-13

Relationship Tip of the Day

Keeping a man who wants to be kept, is really simple….

Keep your mouth closed, his stomach full & his testicles empty!
#RealTalk ~>Ki²

Tip of the Day | 3-25-13

Ever wonder why/how people who had great relationships get married and then quickly divorce?



A lot of those marriages fail because people change the terms of their relationship in their own minds and assume their partner knows the terms changed.  The truth is, some things DO change; i.e. titles (husband/wife), legal responsibilities, status (temp vs perm), etc.  However, the things that REALLY matter–that ultimately led to you getting married stay the same; i.e. love, trust, honesty, respect, commitment, etc.


~~BEFORE saying “I do”: Define the expectations of marriage OUT LOUD with each other and trust that the foundation you laid as a couple before marriage is strong enough to sustain you!~~ (Ki²)




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