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Thought for the Day | 10-31-13


Get your stuff TOGETHER if you really want TO-GET-HER! ~Ki²
-KiKi Richardson #Relationships #HowToGetHer #AdviceForMen #DatingTips #DatingTipsForMen

Remember when… | 9-17-12

After having a conversation this weekend it made me wonder…

Remember when we were young and asking someone to be your girlfriend/boyfriend was a simple as slipping them a note, waiting for the answer and voila you’re in a relationship!? Can you think back to the place in life when, why & how it got so complicated? Why do you think its not that simple anymore & do you think it will ever be possible again?



Think About It Thursday (4-5-12)

Think about it Thursday:

Dating is just like fishing, put out the right bait & you will attract a great catch! ~~>Ki²

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