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MISTRESS MONDAY by The Other Woman Code of Conduct:

You are not that special…If they cheat with you, they will cheat on you!


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Ki² Life™ | 1-6-14

Ki² Life™ (Key to Life)
“Imitation is not the highest form of flattery; Inspiration is!”~ KiKi Richardson (Ki²)
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Thought of the day | 9-10-13


12 Things….(The Truth) | 5-6-13

I’ve been seeing this picture floating around Facebook and Instagram and all the women commenting on it are in agreement that these things are so on point!!  After reading the list and reading the comments (aka high-fives) I am reminded WHY women are having such a difficult time in relationships….

Here is the REAL TRUTH about who needs to understand what:

The Truth served by KiKi Richardson

12 Things She Needs to Understand

As a life coach I would be remiss in my duties if I did not tell you ladies to STOP LYING to yourselves (and each other) and MAKING EXCUSES to justify bad behavior resulting from poor choices!!  Changing the words, will not change the behavior nor the results you get from it!  OWN YOUR CRAP!  If your behavior is yielding negative reviews and results, its time to ACKNOWLEDGE it, ADDRESS it, ADJUST it!



KiKi is a relationship expert available for private coaching, group coaching and seminars.
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LADIES ONLY!!! | It’s OK: Men Tell ALL!

It's OK: Men Tell ALL!


If you had the opportunity to ask men ANYTHING about dating, love, relationships, marriage and/or sex—- no-holds barred & THEY CAN NOT LIE…what would it be!?

If you are in the Atlanta area on April 27, 2013, you have a chance to ask our ALL-MALE panel for yourself! Register for FREE to save yourself a spot!

If you are not in the Atlanta area, post your questions here or email me & I’ll get your answers!

It’s OK: Men Tell ALL!! 

Panelists include:

Shawn Lovings, Style Matters

Style Matters

Shawn Lovings

Actor, Blue Kimble (The Game, Single Ladies)

Actor--Single Ladies, The Game

Blue Kimble

Devin Lewis, Former NFL’er, Model & Oxygen’s Love Games

Former NFL'er, Model, Oxygen Season 4-Love Games

Devin Lewis

Hosted by: KiKi Richardson & Michael A. McFadden

Monday’s Thought | 1-7-13






When I comment on people’s post I get a lot of pushback…many don’t want to hear the realness of my comments & they become combative because they are more intent on being right than being better….when I see that, I am reminded of why the level of dysfunction & chaos exist in so many people’s lives.

If you are always right, why is there so much wrong in your life?

~~ Ki² ~~

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Wednesday’s Wisdom | 1-2-13


Good morning!
As you enter day #2 of this new year please be mindful that eyes were put in the front of your head for a reason….for you to go forward!

Don’t look back lamenting over what you failed to accomplish, look forward with excitement of all the things you have yet to experience!

Motivation Monday | 4-9-12


If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?–John Wooden

Question from a follower… | October 10, 2011

I received the following letter in my inbox and the writer wants your help!

Please share your thoughts HERE (in the comments section) or on my Facebook page!

Hi KiKi…

I have been with my boyfriend for over five years, we live together and I don’t want to be with him anymore.  I love him, but I am not in love with him.  We always argue and haven’t been intimate in over a year and a half.  I have tried almost everything to get rid of him but he just won’t leave (including not speaking to him for weeks at a time ) and now he has this idea in his head that we should get married!!  It’s gotten to the point where I feel like I have to figure out a way to make it “his idea” to break up with me because he would never break up with me and leave on his own.  Honestly I think he is more “obsessed” with me that “in love” with me and I think he would stalk me or maybe even do something harmful if I was ever to really leave him.  Can you or your followers help me come up with a way to make this break up HIS IDEA so he would leave me alone for good?  (This is only an excerpt)

Break-ups are like removing a bandage…if  you do it quickly the pain will be over before you know it!–Unknown


The Consummate Provocateur


Never Dim Your Light for Others to shine…NEVER Apologize for Being YOU!!

My lesson on loss…

I’ve lost a lot in my life…jobs, frienships, things, people and even relationships but as I look back… were they really losses?

I don’t know about you, but I have spent a lot of time, lost a lot of sleep and shed many tears bemoaning “losses” that ultimately were monumental wins to me in the long run. I have learned that when something or someone is removed from my life, it is only to be replaced by something better!  It’s better because every loss makes ME better!

When put into perspective, I can see how each loss has made me better….

 Losing relationships have taught me lessons about intimacy, vulnerability and compromise.

 Losing jobs have taught me about dedication, work ethic and the importance of being in control of my own destiny.

 Losing a loved one in their transition of life has taught me how to cherish those who are dear to me, learn the lessons they were put in my life to teach me and to never take for granted a moment in this life.

 Losing friends have taught me the value of interdependence, camaraderie and acceptance without judgement.

When I count up all that I’ve gained from those losses…I have actually won! The statistics are overwhelmingly in my favor!  I have learned to celebrate my losses as fervently as I celebrate my wins maybe you should too!!

In the end I STILL WIN!

Sometimes when you lose you win and when you win, you lose–Bernie Mac (My mentor, my friend and one of my Angels)


The Consummate Provocateur


Never Dim Your Light for Others to shine…NEVER Apologize for Being YOU!!


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