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LADIES ONLY!!! | It’s OK: Men Tell ALL!

It's OK: Men Tell ALL!


If you had the opportunity to ask men ANYTHING about dating, love, relationships, marriage and/or sex—- no-holds barred & THEY CAN NOT LIE…what would it be!?

If you are in the Atlanta area on April 27, 2013, you have a chance to ask our ALL-MALE panel for yourself! Register for FREE to save yourself a spot!

If you are not in the Atlanta area, post your questions here or email me & I’ll get your answers!

It’s OK: Men Tell ALL!! 

Panelists include:

Shawn Lovings, Style Matters

Style Matters

Shawn Lovings

Actor, Blue Kimble (The Game, Single Ladies)

Actor--Single Ladies, The Game

Blue Kimble

Devin Lewis, Former NFL’er, Model & Oxygen’s Love Games

Former NFL'er, Model, Oxygen Season 4-Love Games

Devin Lewis

Hosted by: KiKi Richardson & Michael A. McFadden

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