12 Things….(The Truth) | 5-6-13

I’ve been seeing this picture floating around Facebook and Instagram and all the women commenting on it are in agreement that these things are so on point!!  After reading the list and reading the comments (aka high-fives) I am reminded WHY women are having such a difficult time in relationships….

Here is the REAL TRUTH about who needs to understand what:

The Truth served by KiKi Richardson

12 Things She Needs to Understand

As a life coach I would be remiss in my duties if I did not tell you ladies to STOP LYING to yourselves (and each other) and MAKING EXCUSES to justify bad behavior resulting from poor choices!!  Changing the words, will not change the behavior nor the results you get from it!  OWN YOUR CRAP!  If your behavior is yielding negative reviews and results, its time to ACKNOWLEDGE it, ADDRESS it, ADJUST it!



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About KiKiRichardson

Certified Life Coach (Interpersonal Relationships), Speaker, Radio Personality & Author of the Controversial book: "The Other Woman Code of Conduct: What every "other" woman should know...and MEN too!" Get your copy NOW! http://bit.ly/BuyTOWCC KiKi´s infectious energy, transparent style and sheer refusal to "blend in" has earned her the "Consummate Provocateur" moniker. KiKi the Certified Life Coach -- takes a firm, common sense approach with her clients, assisting them with taking ownership of their choices in order to affect positive change in their own lives. KiKi the Host of Playing Devil’s Advocate™ -- is no-holds barred. She dares her listeners to challenge societal norms and examine the “why?”. This radio show is for mature audiences and it is Uncensored, Unscripted, UNAPOLOGETIC! KiKi the Speaker -- uses her personal experiences to connect with her audience. She has an unapologetic contempt for conventional thought which has a way of getting the uncomfortable conversation started.

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  1. Nice article. There’s a yin to every yang, and when any yin gets notoriety like “12 Things She Wishes You Understood” did, there’s sure to be a yang like the one you’ve duly provided. I believe that instead of the “real” truth, you’ve given more so the other truth that many of the comments, or as you stated high fives, neglected to represent.

    The article intentionally speaks for the good woman misrepresented by her inability to articulate her intentions. I think we’ve all gotten to a point that we knew exactly how we felt, but the right words just couldn’t find our lips. Men can sometimes play on that, and paired with a strong guilt trip, end up controlling the woman or losing her all together, both to his own dismay in the long run. Surely there were women who read this and out of optimistic bias related it to themselves. No matter how accurate or not so it may have been to each reader specifically, I think a jaded vice versa does less to construct the communication between men and women. But playing devil’s advocate seems to be your niche so I’m glad I could help.

    Derrick Jaxn

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