Take A Peek! | “It’s OK: Men Tell ALL!” 4-27-13

Atlanta’s weather forecast was dreary, cool and soggy, but this event was able to prove all the meteorologists wrong! There was not a cloud in the sky and The Diamond Loft was abuzz with electricity, heat and intensity!

The panel of men were on the HOT-SEAT and the ALL-WOMEN audience was ready to turn up the heat even more!

Take a peek into April 27th’s “It’s OK: Men Tell ALL!” event hosted by KiKi Richardson and Michael McFadden!

If you missed this event, you missed something special! Comment below and include your email information to be updated on any upcoming events!  If you want to bring this show to your town, send an email and you will be contacted!

Special thanks to:

  • The Diamond Loft
  • Chandra Alexander
  • Blue Kimble
  • Devin Lewis
  • Shawn Lovings
  • Michael McFadden
  • Silas Photography Group (all photos are available for purchase!)
  • Tammy Johnson
  • #TeamKiKi

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