HIERARCHY | 1-4-13


Over the past couple of days I have been engaged in a pretty lengthy discourse about the titles of “Mistress“, “Side Chick/Piece“, “Jump Off“, etc. and I feel the need to make it plain…

People always want to compartmentalize and justify stuff with the use of labels, in this case; “mistress” “side piece” “jump off”, etc. the fact of the matter is, she is TOW whether it was a one-night stand, a booty call or went on for years! (People put labels on folks to make themselves feel better about another person’s choices & behaviors…but I digress...)

This whole “mistress vs side chick vs jump off” crap is a fallacy created by TOWs to somehow suggest that there is a pecking order of some sort….it makes a “mistress” feel better to think some how she is higher up on the food chain than the “side chick” or “the jump off” because he says he loves her or that he’s been with her for years….Truth be told, THIS IS AN UTTERLY RIDICULOUS “RATIONA-LIE-zation” to make themselves feel better about what they are doing. The REALITY is…either you are #1 or you are not!!!



The Other Woman Code of Conduct



About theotherwomancode

The Other Woman Code of Conduct offers detailed guidelines for what behavior is acceptable for those participating in these arrangements. Like it or not, there is “honor among thieves” and there is protocol involved in everything we do. Cheating is no exception. It is in our best interest to know all the facts so that we can make informed choices. The Other Woman Code of Conduct serves as a handbook for women and men to understand the rules of engagement when having an affair.

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