Ask PDA Letter: The Breakdown | The Recap (originally aired 2-8-12)

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Playing Devil's Advocate™

“Ask PDA” Letter:  The Breakdown — The Recap

Originally aired:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Happy Thursday PDA Family!

Boy oh boy did we have an “emotional” show last night!! 🙂 

Last week’s controversial “Ask PDA” letter from a listener caused so much of a ruckus that we had to expand it into an entire show!  Little did we know this letter would teach us so much about one another, pit men against the women or how it would really put people’s beliefs under the microscope and force them to think outside of themselves in order to help the writer with her dilemma.

The dilemma presented to us was based in part on what the writer read in my book, “The Other Woman Code of Conduct” and the conversation we had on our “Love: Is it Business or Is it Personal” show…

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About KiKiRichardson

Certified Life Coach (Interpersonal Relationships), Speaker, Radio Personality & Author of the Controversial book: "The Other Woman Code of Conduct: What every "other" woman should know...and MEN too!" Get your copy NOW! KiKi´s infectious energy, transparent style and sheer refusal to "blend in" has earned her the "Consummate Provocateur" moniker. KiKi the Certified Life Coach -- takes a firm, common sense approach with her clients, assisting them with taking ownership of their choices in order to affect positive change in their own lives. KiKi the Host of Playing Devil’s Advocate™ -- is no-holds barred. She dares her listeners to challenge societal norms and examine the “why?”. This radio show is for mature audiences and it is Uncensored, Unscripted, UNAPOLOGETIC! KiKi the Speaker -- uses her personal experiences to connect with her audience. She has an unapologetic contempt for conventional thought which has a way of getting the uncomfortable conversation started.

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