My Sports TERMS & CONDITIONS | Social Media Edition

Social Media Sports TERMS & CONDITIONS:

  1. During Football season, do NOT *bother me!

  2. When its playoff season during pretty much any sport, do NOT *bother me!
  3. While I’m engaged in watching sports, unless you ARE Ray Lewis, know Ray Lewis and/or plan to introduce me to Ray Lewis…do NOT *bother me!

In case you live under a rock & don't know who Ray Lewis is....THIS IS RAY LEWIS!

Failure to comply with these TERMS & CONDITIONS will subject you to severe penalty up to and including public humiliation, loss of access to my page and/or DE-FRIENDING! You have been warned.

Enjoy your day!



*Bothering includes but is not limited to: wall posts, inbox messages, text messages and/or phone calls, when not previously cleared by KiKi Richardson

These TERMS & CONDITIONS can be revised at any time without notice!

Ray Lewis #52





About KiKiRichardson

Certified Life Coach (Interpersonal Relationships), Speaker, Radio Personality & Author of the Controversial book: "The Other Woman Code of Conduct: What every "other" woman should know...and MEN too!" Get your copy NOW! KiKi´s infectious energy, transparent style and sheer refusal to "blend in" has earned her the "Consummate Provocateur" moniker. KiKi the Certified Life Coach -- takes a firm, common sense approach with her clients, assisting them with taking ownership of their choices in order to affect positive change in their own lives. KiKi the Host of Playing Devil’s Advocate™ -- is no-holds barred. She dares her listeners to challenge societal norms and examine the “why?”. This radio show is for mature audiences and it is Uncensored, Unscripted, UNAPOLOGETIC! KiKi the Speaker -- uses her personal experiences to connect with her audience. She has an unapologetic contempt for conventional thought which has a way of getting the uncomfortable conversation started.

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