Battle of the B*tches | The Recap (originally aired 8-3-11)


The Battle of the B*tches — The Recap

Originally aired:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Good afternoon class. Today’s phrase of the week is B.A.N (Bitch ass Nigga). A Bitch ass nigga in my opinion, is any guy that will throw another Man under the bus in pursuit of a Woman. Now doing B.A.N things, is not exclusive to MEN. You have Women that will throw their best girlfriend under a choo choo train over some dick. The following is a recap of our show last night on the discussion of who has more B.L.T (Bitch Like Tendencies)

If you tuned in last night, you had to have felt my rage coming through your phone and computer speakers. This epidemic of BITCHASSNESS was examined very closely.  KiKi Richardson, Sassy Angel, myself and Rocky Miller bringing up the rear, gave everyone PRIME examples of BITCH behaivior coming from Men and Women. The chat room was off the hook with numerous postings. Our trusty and thorough producer Chandra gave us some spot on definitions in the chat room… some we said on air, and some you will have to request the transcripts to see for yourself!

We had a B.A. (BITCHAHOLICS ANONYMOUS) meeting last night.  In the Class room, Board room and especially the COURT ROOM; this craziness just doesnt stop!

Our “Ask PDA Letter” brought out a new term for people to focus on. B.A.K. (Better Ask KiKi). This women told the writer the true signs and symptoms of true Bitch behavior. You know that I wish I could tell you much more about last night’s show, but that would be ME doing some B.N.S.(BITCH NIGGA SHIT), because then you wouldnt need to go to the archives to listen to it. So don’t act like a B.O.B.(BUNCH OF BITCHES) and check out the show. LOL!!

Todd Fountaine

© Playing Devil’s Advocate

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© Playing Devil’s Advocate

Uncensored, Unscripted, UNAPOLOGETIC!!!

Airs LIVE every Wednesday at 7p PST


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